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I’m Sharyn - Myself and my team’s passion is Transforming your Loan Processor from ‘Extra’ Staff to ‘Extraordinary’ Staff.

We have trained & supported many loan processors across Australia via my detailed step-by-step training model.

Find out how this training can revolutionise your business today!

All The Tools You Need To Be A Successful Loan Processor

I Get It. Truly, I Do.

Having navigated the treacherous waters of the banking & mortgage industry myself, I understand the weight you're under. I've felt the burnout from endless paperwork, the anxiety of handing tasks over to an untrained loan processor, and the restless nights fearing costly mistakes.

I remember being trapped in that seemingly endless cycle of wanting to delegate but being held back by the fear of inadequately trained staff. It's like being caught in a storm with no shelter in sight.

But Here's the Stark Reality...

Continuing down this path? It’s a recipe for stagnation. If you persist in this manner, the burnout won't just continue; it'll intensify. The missed growth opportunities, the turnover of valued staff, and the rising tide of client dissatisfaction will not only hold you back but could threaten the very foundation of your business.

You have the drive and passion, I see it. But without intervention, without taking that crucial step towards solution and change, you risk remaining stuck in this draining cycle.

So, ask yourself: Isn't it time for a change?



Train Your Loan Processor" — Paving the Way for Unparalleled

Growth & Efficiency!

Ever imagined a world where you can trust your loan processor implicitly? A reality where you delegate with confidence, knowing that tasks will be executed flawlessly? It's time to transform that vision into reality.
Here's What We Offer:

Expert-Led Training Modules:

Dive deep into a curriculum tailored to address every nuance of loan processing.

Guided by industry leaders, your loan processor will master every facet of their role.

Hands-On Learning Experience: 

This isn't just theory.

We provide practical, real-world scenarios and solutions to ensure that learning is applied effectively in your business

Time-Saving Techniques:

We've distilled years of expertise into streamlined strategies,
ensuring tasks are not just done right but also efficiently.





Ongoing Support & Community Access: 

Post-training, your loan processor won't be left in the dark.

They'll have access to a thriving community and continuous learning opportunities, ensuring they remain at the forefront of industry best practices.

I've been recognized in the industry as the 'Mortgage Maven' for my deep understanding and innovative approaches to loan processing.

With years of hands-on experience, I've distilled complex processes into digestible and actionable strategies. It's not about boasting accolades but about sharing tried-and-true methods to help mortgage brokers and their teams thrive in a competitive landscape.


Here’s what your Loan Processor will be introduced:

  • complete step-by-step training model that teaches you how to become the best loan processor.
  • An expert-led course that covers every nook and cranny of the loan processing procedure.
  • Instructional documentation and videos so that you can learn at your own pace and the way you like.
  • Value-packed learning materials will enable you to become a professional loan processor from the moment you finish the course.
  • Learn how to deploy loan processing strategies so that you can work on more loans simultaneously.
  • See how to analyze all the challenges with loan processing so that you can detect problems even before they appear.
  • Help with understanding how to train new loan processors in your brokerage quickly.
  • Get lifetime access for those who decide to make the one-time course purchase.
  • Optional ongoing monthly support from a vetted loan processor.



Equip yourself with an arsenal of skills and knowledge, transforming your approach to loan processing with our meticulously designed modules. 

What will you learn in this course?

Module 1 - Intro to Loan Processing - Dive deep into the foundational understanding of loan processing, its importance, and the key roles involved.  

This will ensure your loan processor is set with a strong foundational knowledge, making subsequent modules more effective and enlightening.

Module 2 - Developing your eye for the Details - Grasp techniques to enhance attention to detail, spotting inconsistencies, and ensuring accuracy in all aspects of loan processing.  

So unnecessary errors are drastically reduced, increasing client trust and reducing back-and-forth revisions.

Module 3 - Your CRM is your BFF - Discover the significance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in loan processing and how to leverage them.  

This will allow you to streamline operations, maintain client records effortlessly, and enhance customer interactions.

Module 4 - The Loan Flow Process - Master the step-by-step journey of a loan, from initiation to finalisation.  

So that every loan is processed efficiently, ensuring client satisfaction and optimal workflow.

Module 5 - Getting your CRM Ready - Dive deeper into setting up, customising, and optimising your CRM tailored to the loan processing workflow.  

You will be able to capitalise on your CRM's features, ensuring quicker access to data, streamlined communications, and enhanced loan management.

Module 6 - Compliance for the Win - Understand the legalities, regulations, and best practices in the mortgage industry.  

Placing you in the best position to operate within the bounds of the law, reducing risks and fostering trust among clients and stakeholders.

Module 7 - Communicating with your Brokers - Acquire techniques and etiquettes for effective communication between brokers & their loan processors, enhancing collaboration.  

The broker-processor relationship is strengthened, ensuring smooth loan transitions and mutual understanding.

Module 8 - Communication with the Clients - Hone your skills in managing client communications, from clarifying doubts to setting expectations.  

This makes sure your clients feel valued, informed, and engaged, bolstering loyalty and referral potential.

Module 9 - Liaise with Banks & Legal Teams - Develop strategies to collaborate with banks and legal teams effectively, understanding their requirements and expectations.  

This means your loan approvals are expedited, documentation is streamlined, and the entire loan process becomes smoother.

Module 10 - Efficiency & Time Management - Discover tools, techniques, and habits to manage time, prioritise tasks, and work efficiently.  

This allows you to  maximise productivity, manage multiple loans without stress, and ensure timely delivery.

Module 11 - Let's tie it all together - Integrate the knowledge from previous modules, understanding the cohesive nature of loan processing.  

This ensures your loan processor operates holistically where each aspect of their learning comes together to ensure loan processing excellence.

Module 12 - Where to from here? - Identify growth areas, advanced learning opportunities, and paths for further specialisation within the mortgage industry.  

You & your loan processor is then equipped for future challenges, can identify areas for continuous improvement, and map out a path for long-term career progression.

 Start your journey with "Train Your Loan Processor" today!

Navigating the complex world of loan processing can come with hefty price tags. But we believe in providing unmatched value without breaking the bank. Let's put things in perspective.

The BLP Course

  • Expert led 12 module program which provides all of the basic knowledge for anyone to learn on "How" to be a Loan processor. 
  • This course is highly detailed and is based on the soon to be loan processor in learning all of the steps from end to end in the process of a loan (including AOL). 
  • Flexible Learning; access anytime & anywhere.
  • Hands on practical experience
  • Support from the course creator
  • 3 months ongoing support & community access for continued growth

Your Investment - Only $1,997 (complete access)

The BLP Community

  • Ongoing support & training for Loan Processors.
  • Weekly live training sessions
  • Flexible learning; anytime & anywhere
  • Hands on practical experience
  • Access to a community of Loan Processors
  • Support from the course creator

Your Investment - Only $249 per month

With Become a Loan Processor,  you're not just saving money or securing training, you're investing in a comprehensive, flexible, and enduring solution. 

Why pay more for limited insights when you can access a reservoir of knowledge, support, and community at a fraction of the cost?

Secure your slot now and embark on a journey of growth and efficiency with Become a Loan Processor.


So if you agree that your business deserves streamlined processes, error-free operations, and a confident loan processor leading the charge, don't wait another moment.


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What's Included in "Train Your Loan Processor"?

1. Expert-Led Training Modules: Comprehensive curriculum tailored to the intricacies of loan processing.

2. Hands-On Learning Experience: Real-world scenarios to ensure actionable, practical knowledge.

3. Time-Saving Techniques: Streamlined strategies to boost efficiency and accuracy.

4. Ongoing Support & Community Access: Stay updated with the latest industry best practices and get support when you need it.

5. Modules Covering Every Aspect: From introductions, CRM management, communication techniques, to advanced efficiency tools.

6. Flexible Learning Platform: Access the content anytime, anywhere, at your convenience.

Imagine a future where your loan processing runs like a well-oiled machine. Where every task is executed with precision and efficiency. Envision yourself no longer drowning in paperwork, but steering your business with confidence and clarity.

Picture your clients singing praises of your seamless service, your brokers enjoying a harmonious working relationship, and your loan processors feeling empowered and equipped.

This isn't just a dream; it's a future that's within reach. By investing in Become a Loan Processor you're not just purchasing a course, but a future brimming with growth, trust, and unparalleled service.

Step into this brighter tomorrow. Join us and let's craft that future together.

 If you're a mortgage broker who....

  • Is spending more time processing your loans & responding to bank requests rather than securing more clients?
  • Is struggling to find a daily flow in your business between writing more loans & maintaining the ones already in place?
  • Desires more direct support from a loan processor who cares as much about the end result as you do?
  • Already has a loan processor but struggles to find the time to train them or give them fast and reliable support?

Then it’s time to make one of two choices right now…..

1. Continue down the path you're on now, battling inefficiencies, risking costly errors, and feeling the weight of a business that's harder to manage day by day. A path where growth feels like a distant dream, and your valuable time is continuously drained.

2. Step into the world of Become a Loan Processor where you're equipped with expert insights, streamlined systems, and an empowered loan processor. A journey towards smooth operations, satisfied clients, and a business that thrives on efficiency and trust.

The decision is clear. Your brighter future awaits on the other side of choice. Make the right one today!

Who Will Benefit The Most From My Loan Processor Course?

My loan processor course is the perfect option for all those interested in or already working with Australian brokers. You will benefit from this course if you belong to one of the following groups of clients.

Anyone Who Wants to Become A Loan Processor

If you’re interested in becoming a loan processor, this course is the perfect fit for you. It includes all the necessary details that’ll provide you with skills, knowledge, and confidence right from the beginning of your loan processor career.

Mortgage Brokers

Are you tired of outsourcing loan processing to other businesses and not getting results? Employ the right person today & enrol them with Become a Loan Processor to save your time and money. After completing this course, you will gain more control over your time management in your mortgage businesses.


Brokerages looking to take their employee skill set to another level have to look no further. Use this course to elevate your loan processors’ expertise and see them flourish by becoming more efficient. Use this Loan Processor course to save time, provide them with industry support and offer better services to all your clients.

Businesses employing loan processors seeking ongoing support

All businesses seek ongoing support and a community for loan processors in their company. Not only will they be able to learn all the relevant details of loan processing, but they can also count on a community and support for any future loan processing requirements changes.

If you would like to learn more about the proprietary process that I - and hundreds of others have used to quickly scale their loan processing or brokering business, then be sure to register below for a free video  on how to get started


🌟 Take Action Now! Enrol in Become a Loan Processor and elevate your mortgage game!** 🌟